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I am impressed with Angie’s leadership qualities, her honesty, and her sincere commitment to work with and for all our diverse community.

Carolyn Nelson

I am supporting Angie Girard for County Commissioner for my district. She has proven skills in leadership and a desire to work for the entire community of Yakima County. As a come-from-behind candidate, I hope we can make her candidacy a reality as I believe she would best serve all of us.

Nona Schulz

Angie understands the true role of a Commissioner is to protect the health of the community and administer to the needs of the people; not to indulge their own self-serving interests over the real needs of the people.

Brenna Suhm

I have known Angie for several years and in my opinion she is a strong, independent thinking, leader who thinks before she speaks and considers all the information presented to her. She’s professional, well spoken and smart. I like that she is willing to stand up for this county and put her passion for seeing things in this community help all peoples. Angie grew up in our community and has a deep love for it. She will do what is best for the masses, not just the loud and outspoken.

Amy Maib

Angie is a long-time member of this community, and has shown that she deeply cares about getting together with others–regardless of political affiliation–to solve problems to the benefit of everyone. I wholeheartedly support her for County Commissioner.

Steve White

Angie is an established community leader who is calm and precise, follows the law and uses common sense. She will make a superb county commissioner.

Addy Logsdon

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