Angie Girard: Candidate, Commissioner Yakima County, Washington.

Why Angie Girard?

It is the job of the county commissioner to keep us safe, healthy, and connected. The last few years have shined a light on the importance of the role.

Those who already have power want you to think the role is mostly administrative: approving budgets, enacting ordinances, hiring and evaluating employees, and oversight of programs and departments. But it’s more than that.

Yakima County Commissioners have the power to materially improve the conditions of everyday life—from securing affordable housing to guaranteeing every vote counts to ensuring everyone has access to clean water. Our county needs someone who isn’t irresponsible with the real power they have.

It takes someone with imagination and buy-in from the community to make the change we need as a community. My work ethic, leadership characteristics, and experience are what this job requires, now more than ever.

My Guiding Principles

Speak and hear the truth. I’m a very candid person and ask others to be candid with me. Continuous improvement cannot happen if we only hear candy-coated versions of reality.

Be accountable. When I make a mistake or results are not as expected, I own it, and when something works, give credit where credit is due.

Everyone in—no one out. It’s vital, in any endeavor, to ensure diversity of thought and experience. I can work with anyone who wants to build a better world for everyone.

Be courageous. Fear is no place from which to build a future. It takes courage to imagine something different, something better, and then to go about the work of making it happen.

Questions for Angie? Want to get involved?
Contact her here:


(509) 906-1587

4001 Summitview Ave
Suite 5-261
Yakima, WA 98908